Sunday, March 27, 2005

Good things and bad things

Good things and bad things happen to everybody.

Good things happen to good people,

Bad things happen to bad people too.

Don't be bad to expect good things to happen,

Don't be good to expect bad things to happen.

When you're good, be thankful for the goodness upon you and the goodness you share to others

When you're bad think of the inflictions you might give to others.

As you don't like bad things to happen to you, why give bad things to others?

Sometimes it's inevitable, but we have the power to make it better, if only we try ...

This is a response I gave to a post on

It's very common for us to immediately see things which attracts attention and contrast. The advertisement industry often use red color to atract the eye of passerby for their sale on their products. Black text is always used on white background as these colors are in contrast to each other. And at night time, neon signs are used to separate their sign against the black background.

This is also why people often see good things happening to bad people, and bad things happening to good people. While in reality its not always true. If we would be honest to ourselves, if we claim ourselves to be good people, would you say that more bad things happen in your life? And if you feel you are a bad person, do good things happen more often?

Good things and bad things happen to everybody, either they are good or bad. Although I believe that good things happen more often to good people rather than bad people. Questions are:
- if you were bad, how often would you recieve presents from friends and relatives? My friend Alfie just recieved a pair of shoes ... did he recieve it because he was bad?
- a bad person gets injured on the streets and gets medical treatment ... is he worth the treatment? Have you ever wondered why doctors never ask wheter you're a good person or not? Everybody who is injured needs help. After that its up to us to give thanks and try to help others, or ignore it altogether and say it was only a light scar.

We have the priviledge of choices, and the power to change ... hopefully for the better.


At 2:41 AM, Blogger eLf ideas said...

Very inspiring, and full of conviction as well.

Reading each other's thoughts is definitely therapeutic.


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