Monday, March 28, 2005


There was a man hanging from a cliff screaming for help, and you came with the intension to help the poor man.

  1. You kneel down and ask whether he is a good man or not. If he’s good, you help him, if not you leave, because he deserves it
  2. You talk to him and try to give comfort. He will sort out his own problems and crawl up by him self
  3. Call for help, and never see the man again
  4. Give a helping hand and pull him to safety
  5. You give levitation practices, as the old Chinese monks do, and expect the man to master the skill
  6. You pray for him, and pray, and pray
  7. You ask an amount of money if you help him
  8. You criticize him and make him angry, and try to give him the extra energy to climb up and punch you
  9. Talk him out of the situation and say its hopeless for any actions, and he lets go and fall
  10. You come near to the cliff with the intensions to help, but you had other things to do
  11. You ask the man if he’s a relative of yours or not. If yes, you help him.
  12. You talk to the man all of your own problem
  13. You come up with a camera, and sell the photos to the papers
  14. You meditate on the situation, and write an article the ways to help people


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