Friday, March 17, 2006


Living in New Zealand has made many dramatic changes in my life, such as the way I think, the way I act - and react, and the way I behave. The cool-relaxed-high standard environment has dropped my stress level to minimum. No more 2-hour-traffic jams, no more paranoia being robbed or taken advantage, no more (re)reversed thoughts to understand things, no more government and law-enforce hypocrites talking one thing and doing the other.

In general ... life makes sense now.

After three years leaving my home county, I was recently reminded how things work there. In a discussion forum, I was struck by comments suggesting "prioritizing the simple work" and "doing things selfishly." Don't they understand what they're saying? What the implications of their words are, especially to the younger generation?

DEGRADATION ... DEMORALIZING ... LAZINESS ... are only a few to mention!

Prioritizing simple work leads towards laziness and then cutting corners in their professional work and their life's principle ... if there's anything left.

Doing things selfishly automatically negates the importance and even the existence of other people. "This is my life and this is how I do things, so bug off!"

I don't want to go into much detail on the implications of these concepts ... it's too terrifying.

I tried to speak out the danger of these concepts in the forum, but I suppose I "tried" too hard. The discussion became very emotional and non-respective in their chosen words.

My current environment has taught me to be considerate, appreciative, and respective to other people who are held up by ethics, law and common sense ... but I suppose it's true, common sense isn't common anyway. Doctrines will conflict and contradict with other doctrines; people will get into dispute with other people. It's a sad fact that we try not to acknowledge, but it's still there in our face ... selfishness.

Influencing the mind

Another sleepless night

Still lots of things on my mind … rather unimportant really … it’s just spinning in there, with no critical implications in my life … or that’s what I believe.

The mind … a very interesting device.

Although it is true you control the things you think about, sometimes you just can’t control the inputs and processes which leads to either a creative/ constructive result, or a rather self-centered/ pessimistic one.

What are these influences, and how do you control/ edit/ censor it?